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Optimal Clusters Lennard-Jones

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Lennard-Jones Clusters
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bullet References
bullet Potentials, and  pictures  for 147 to 309 particles. This project was with David Romero (IMATE, UNAM), and  Susana Gomez (IIMAS UNAM) 
bullet Novel Clusters for 537, 542, 543, 546, 547, 548, 664, 813
bullet Tables for building the putative optimal LJ Clusters from 2 to 1000 at April 8, 2005 (PDF file, 59 pages). The methods for this are depicted in the article: Minimum search space and efficient methods for structural cluster optimization,
bulletSteps to get the putative optimal LJ clusters' coordinates between 2 to 1000 from my data.

I will be glad to update this table if I omit a previous result or someone find a new optimal LJ cluster. Particularly, if someone finds an optimal LJ cluster out of the special lattice IF. IF stands for a lattice that combines lattices IC and FC together.

               IF75                                IF509                             IF9483

Icosahedral lattice with 2057 particles

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bullet  The Cambridge Cluster Database (CCD).The best reference for optimal cluster configurations under different potentials.

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